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Let's break open coconuts, eat the meat and make bowls... learn Morse Code, sew our own clothes of rags, visit ostriches, study animals, extract strawberry DNA, practice all kinds of survival skills and imagine we were stranded on an island in the East Indies.  


"Let's Get Lost" unit study was born out of one magical summer, and became the theme for our first year at Outsiders Base Camp in California. 


We don't have that particular unit study available for purchase because we were saving it for a special occasion such as this.   We reformatted it, inserted all of the magic that came out of our time spent here at Outsiders, included even more adventure and I believe we have put together something pretty incredible for you in this issue!


We hope that you take this of the  18 summers you have with your kiddos and spend it adventuring in your own backyard, becoming your own version of the Swiss Family.


What do you say?  Let's Get Lost!!


This purchase comes with a digital and print magazine!!


In This 60 Page Issue:

18 Summers: Editor's Letter

How To Use This Issue

Summer Sun


Strawberry DNA

Strawberry Lemonade

Summer Bucket List


Campfire Cooking

Summer Learning Adventures

Animal Studies

Survival Skills Mastery



Dandelion Tea

Featured Contributors

Nature Crafting

Summer Library

Founder's Letter

Summer Livingbook

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