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Digital Unit Study in PDF format.



What If We Became The Ocean: Editor's Letter

Tools For The Journey: What You Need

At The Cookstove: The Ang Family

Interest Led: Farm To Table Pizza Garden

Musings Of A Bibliophile: Black History

Community: Conflict Resolution

I Thought You Were A Dream: New York with Ellemae

Into The Wild: Egypt

Savannah Biome

I Left My Heart InThe Savannah

Sahara Desert

Mummification Science

Mummify An Apple

Ancient Egyptian History

Famous Egyptians

How The Egyptians Got Stuff Done

Irrigation And War

Egyptian Mathmatics

Egyptian Hieratic Numerals


Egypt Geography


Cypress Papyrus: Classification

Pyramids and Geography

Living in Community

If You Plan, They Will Come

Community Essay

Meet the Villiage

Gather the Community

A Call To Action: Founder's Letter


and a digital PDF packed full of additional Science, World History, Geography, Language Arts, Forensics, Art and so much more to fill your homeschooling days this month!


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