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Digital Unit Study in PDF format.



Tend to Your Garden: Editor's Note

Tools for the Journey: What You Need For This Issue

Global Community: The Brewer Family

A Time To Celebrate: Musings of a Bibliophile

A Garden of Growth

Succulents: When You Don't Have a Green Thumb

Into the Wild: Your Bundle Lessons

Western Africa: Geography

Geography of Southern Africa

Your Maps

Scramble for Africa

Salt Map of Africa

Lady Mambazo Ladysmith

Congo Rainforest


Africa: History of Art

The Malagasy People

Tribe Life

South Africa's National Anthem

Handwriting Forensics

South Africa and Rwanda

Madagascar Biodiversity

Cape of Africa

Through the Lens of a Child

Meet the Village: The Soward Family

Gather the Community

Growth is Beautiful: A Letter From the Founder


and a digital PDF packed full of additional Science, World History, Geography, Language Arts, Forensics, Art and so much more to fill your homeschooling days this month!

South Africa

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