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Each Unit Study contains our unique, innovative cross curricular lessons marrying academic fundamentals and hands-on learning.


These custom unit studies cover a plethora of subjects including Language Arts, Science, History, World Geography, Human Geography, Nature Studies and countless electives.  Unit studies are designed using a family-style approach and are suitable for all ages including plenty of hands-on activities for all ages and further study prompts for your older children.

Just add Math and Formal Grammar and you are SET!




"Free to Roam" is a full year (10 months) of our custom, unit study based curriculum for all ages.

We take you on a journey around the globe, beginning in Nordic Europe and landing in North America.  These units are packed full of rich hands on, literature based learning. We have chosen beautiful living books to help guide us through culture, geography, people groups, histories, language, art, and sciences.

All of the things that make our world such a beautiful place to wander through.

Each unit comes with a PDF and a digital, interactive magazine.


"Time Travellers" is a full 8 month unit study based curriculum for all ages.

We take you on a journey from PreHistory (histories that have taken place before we began recording in 1st person) and into the future!  We will study the histories, sciences, inventions, philosophies, and shoulders of giants that we stand on today.  Epic hands-on, literature based adventure through the timeline of our story!


These units are completely self sustaining with live links to online reading material, videos, and activities.  Comes in an easy to use PDF, interactive format.


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