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Outsiders Adventure Community Presents:

Outsiders curriculum Bundles


Custom unit studies delivered to your door in the form of beautiful magazines and in your inbox as a digital magazine as well as PDF every single month!!  Not only that...we show you how to use it!!  Monthly zoom calls with our tribe allow you to ask questions, see how it's done and see how others are incorporating these bundles into their school days!

Our beautiful monthly living magazine and digital bundles featuring our custom curriculum "Free to Roam", traveling the world using literature based Language Arts, Science, History, World Geography, Human Geography, Forensic Science, Art and so much more.  Bundles are also packed full of recipes, adventure, experiments, hands-on activities, book club prompts, articles for the entire family, "Call to Action" by the men in our tribe, access to the village through zoom calls, and community building ideas so that you can experience this wherever you live! 

We are blown away, blessed, and inspired by the community...the tribe life that we have been able to live with the families that have attended Base Camp in Bakersfield this past year.  We soaked it all up and relished in the unique tapestry of individuals, children, adventure, custom curriculum lessons, life skills, and hands-on experiences.

BUT as we began to post pictures and others began to share, the messages started to roll into our inboxes:


"Do you have anything like this in South Carolina?"

"Is this something we can do in New York?"

"I live in Australia, is there some way that we can participate?"


The burden is real because we believe that everyone should be able to experience an epic philosophy of education and community like this...and so, we begin our next journey.  One that will hopefully bring the spirit of Outsiders to the ends of the earth.

To each of you.

Gathering together more great minds, creative spirits, adventurous, wanderlusty, homeschooling, unschooling, road schooling, public schooling families.


Strengething the VILLIAGE!

Living the TRIBE LIFE with more of you. 

Because the truth is...we need each other.

We are in it together.

What if you could feel a part of a community from the comfort of your home?

What if custom, creative learning landed on your front porch each month?

What IF you had the tools to create this kind of community in your home town?

Boy do we have a surprise in store for you!
Our community is ready for YOU and Outsiders Learning Bundles are LIVE!!  
A beautiful "living" magazine full of educational, rich, adventure-based lessons, community connections, inspiration, recipes, and content meant to bring unity to the family and give you the the tools to rock community wherever you are!
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