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Welcome to our newest adventure!  Time Travellers will take us all the way from PreHistory into the unknown...our future!!  We encourage you to be wanderlusty!!  Don’t stop at the pages...dig, search, and look for the mystery...the wonder that is our past, present and future.  This is YOUR will become EXACTLY what you make it.

First stop...PreHistory.  So, what exactly IS “PreHistory” you ask?  Well, Prehistory is the time period BEFORE we began to record history in first person.  Maybe a better explanation would be that PreHistory comes before we started documenting our story.  There are books that tell about the beginning of Earth and mankind, however, they are written down after the events took place.  So, we do have written PREhistories...they are just written down 3rd person by those not present.



Tell the Story: A Note From the Editory

Tools For the Journey: What You Will Need

The Family Table: Babylonian Meal

Book Club: Krissy Warren

Sample Badges and Book Club Meal

Book Recommendations

Timeline of History: The Story of Us

What is a Commonplace

Be Excellent

Paleontology and Dinosaurs

Theory vs. Observable Science

The Scientific Method


Books That Tell Stories

Sign Language: How to Tell the Story

Cave Art


Stone Age

Progression of Tools

Bronze Age

Progression of Fire

Iron Age

Before and After: A Poem About PreHistory

Meet the Villiage: The Grant Family

Let's Go Write Some History: Founder's Letter


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