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Digital Unit Study in PDF format.


Welcome to our newest adventure! Time Travellers will take us all the way from PreHistory into the unknown...our future!! We encourage you to be wanderlusty!! Don’t stop at the pages...dig, search, and look for the mystery...the wonder that is our past, present and future. This is YOUR will become EXACTLY what you make it.
Next stop...Ancient History (Part 1).



Be an Innovator: A Note From the Editor

Tools for the Journey: What You Will Need

Book Club Shenanigans: Krissy Warren

Guide Chat: Meet Base Camp Guides

Intro to Ancients

Ancient History

The Marathon

Mapping the Ancient World


Nature Study: Trees

Code of Hammurabi

The Invention of the Calendar

The Moon: Calendar in the Sky

Mathematics and Pythagoras

Hunther Gatherers

Hunter Gatherer Edition

Ancient Civilizations

Progression in Writing

The gods and Ancient Religions

Wonders of the World

Animals in the Ancient World

Attitude of Gratitude

A Call to Action: Founder's Letter

Make Learning an Adventure 

Ancients I

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