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So you "Unschool".

"You unschool? So is that like, you don't do school?" Well, education is supposed to be a way of life for the family. THIS is why we "unschool" or "lifeschool" as we like to call it. Yes we use textbooks, the kids read (sometimes all day), heck, we even do Algebra!! However, we are not limited to a 8am-3pm day in a classroom. We do not bring the classroom home and our motivation is not for an A+...rather, we are allowed the freedom to learn through hearing, tasting, seeing, smelling, touching and action as well... KNOWLEDGE is our motivation! Gabrielle loves to quote Jordan Taylor, "You spend 8 hours a day at a specific classroom at a specific time and I'M the one who has no life?" When I first began homeschooling, we created a classroom. Where I think this can be fun, our desire is to make the WORLD our classroom!! We no longer try to strategically structure nor give a classroom feel to our day. We school Gypsy style. ;) We don't just learn about cars, we work on them. We don't just study plants, we grow them, visit them, photograph and smell them. We don't see pictures of animals and their habitats...we seek out every opportunity to enter their world.... It's not Rocket Science, unless you are building rockets!! We have done that too.  Be encouraged.  You only have to be one day smarter than your children.  Nothing has to be grand to be done!! Don't wait for something big or perfect, you will be waiting forever. Bank on your children's youthful wonder, they think the smallest things are fabulous!! 🙌 If you are excited about dissecting an eyeball...excitement will grow in them!!  "Train up a child in the way that they should go"...dissected, this means according to their bent.  According to how they were made.  Tie heart strings...what makes your children tick? What is their "bent"? Keep a longterm perspective. This is not to have perfect children. This does not require perfect parenting. This isn't about meeting the world's standards.  This is ALL about being present!! 

Presence over perfection. The days go by slowly but the years...much too fast.  Capture the hearts of your children.

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